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Apple Watch

pwillis says:
I dont mean to be negative as I love RTM and particularly the latest iPhone version, but...

I read posts dated 1 year ago and 15 weeks ago saying that Bob is working on an Apple Watch app. Really!!! How long can it take? I think we need an update with something more than it is being worked on, as in the past that doesn’t seem to mean anything.
Posted at 9:38pm on February 21, 2017
xxdesmus says:
I agree.

This is part of the reason I'm looking at alternative platforms (that I won't name).
Posted 4 years ago
acwels says:
I agree. I renewed my pro account because this page promised that a watch app was "Coming Soon":

At this point I have to wonder if this was just false advertising.
Posted 4 years ago
pwillis says:
I agree wholeheartedly. I joined the tester program at least expecting that "Coming Soon" would mean there would be an "alpha" or "beta" version to try, but there doesn’t appear to be anything. I wonder if the Android users are any better off?
Posted 4 years ago
emielvdr says:
Please RTM I also would like to test a release for apple watch (I've the series 2)!

This app is missing on my watch! Evernote is already there!
Posted 4 years ago
kissyjpf says:
I totally agree +1
Posted 4 years ago
rraider95 says:
Posted 4 years ago
matthes.nagel says:
+100! I've already tested some alternatives but I believed in the "old" message: comming soon :-(
Posted 4 years ago
rocketeer007 says:
Out of curiosity, what would other people want to do with RTM on the watch?

For me - it would be a quick way to view and either complete or postpone tasks. Anything more than that, and I'd reach for my phone, iPad or PC...

I wonder if the massive delay on this is because they're trying to fit too much into the small form-factor... I wrote a very simple "View and complete" app for the Pebble in little under a week using the RTM API, so I can't imagine it's that much harder on iOS and Watch OS!
Posted 4 years ago
urbatutu says:
I only can agree with you, folks, this massive delay combined with the lack of information is annoying. I signed up for the beta months ago and never got an answer or anything. After years it's the first time I think about alternatives, seriously.
Posted 4 years ago
(closed account) says:
one thing i have learned using other todo apps on the watch is that they can be useless if not done right. im happy to wait for RTM if it does what I need it to. Choosing a smart list to display would be quite important as opposed to just a today view for example.
Posted 4 years ago
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