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Link Evernote note to task

dbrechalov says:
Is it possible to add Evernote note to any task in RTM? Let say, I already have a task (with notes, subtasks etc) and want to link note from Evernote to this task. How can I do this?
Posted at 8:57am on October 25, 2016
martingchapman says:
In Evernote, right click on the note you want to link to and select "copy note link" this puts a link to the note on the clipboard.
Open the task in RTM select the URL field or the Notes field and paste the Evernote link into it.

Posted 3 years ago
dbrechalov says:
Thanks, Martin, but it does not help.
It makes just a link which opens in browser, not in Evernote app, at least on my device.
Posted 3 years ago
martingchapman says:
What device are you using?
On my Win10 PC it opens the link in both Chrome and Evernote simultaneously.
On my Android phone it opens the link directly in Evernote.
On my Android tablet it brings up a pop up that asks if I want to use Chrome or Evernote with a check box to always use this option or once only.
In this case if I tick "always" and then select Chrome it will always open future Evernote links in Chrome.
This option is set in the device default settings and can be changed anytime.
Posted 3 years ago
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