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My second Gmail account is not able to add tasks by label or star

varrus says:
My primary Gmail account is a Google Apps (or I guess now they call it Google Suite) account for work. This one is working fine. However, my personal Gmail seems to not be able to create a task either by using the custom label (I use RTM) or by starring a message.

The Gmail add-on is working fine otherwise; in fact, if I create a task from an email in my work account, it shows up almost instantly in the RTM sidebar in my personal Gmail. It just can't create new tasks from messages.

Is there another way to turn an email into a task other than with the label or star approach?
Posted at 11:44pm on October 18, 2016
varrus says:
And, after struggling with it for 15 minutes, 3 minutes after posting this it seems to be working again (at least using the star method). Weird.
Posted 4 years ago
elise (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi varrus,

Glad to hear it's working for you now!

If it stops working again, the first thing you may want to check is if your Gmail version is supported - you can find out more here.

Google is constantly changing Gmail's code in a way that affects the functionality of our Add-on, which means we need to re-code and update the extension often, to support the new code.

If your version is supported and you're still running into this issue, feel free to contact us and we can do some further investigation.
Posted 4 years ago
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