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Calendar appointments

joebacot says:
Hello all. has anyone devised a way to send a "RTM" task as an iCalendar request, so the task/action is added to your calendar. Today, one can add it as an "event", but I would like to add a specific task as an appointment my calendar. for example "Read the TPS report" and it would show up on my calendar to begin/complete the task at say 10am on June 5th, 2016. This is specifically for MS. Outlook, but I'm assuming an icalendar appoint would fit the bill.
Posted at 4:50pm on June 27, 2016
azclaire says:
Here ya go! (From the RTM Help page)

Posted 7 years ago
azclaire says:
😬. Forgot the other part:. If you put a due date AND time on the RTM task, would this give you the calendar function you're looking for once the feed is tied to MSOutlook?
Posted 7 years ago
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