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How can I define in the header of an e-mail to which list my mail should go?

doja says:
Hello, I can add time & date to send a reminder & tags to the header of an e-mail. But I thought that I had to add an @+listname to be able to send my mail directly to a list. Apparently that doesn't work. What I am doing wrong?
Posted at 11:58am on April 17, 2016
azclaire says:
If you want them to go to the same list every time, you can designate one of your lists as your default list. Then, any task not naming a list coming from any source will show on that list.

Here is a link for the directions to do that.

If you want to identify a list other than your default, you use the symbols from the Quick Add feature. the # symbol is used for both tags and lists.

RTM knows there is can be only one list, so once it matches that everything else must be a tag. If none of the #[word] matches a list, all of them will be assumed tags and the task will land in your default list. If your #[word] doesn't exist yet, RTM will create it as a tag.

The [list name] doesn't have to be listed first - you can have #[tag] #[list] #[tag].


- Use # for tag and list
- If RTM doesn't recognize a new #[word] it creates a new tag.
- You can't create a new list via Quick Add.
- They can be listed in any order

Here's a link to the Help menu for Quick Add for info on all the allowable symbols.

PS you'll find that @ is used for Location Quick Add

Posted 5 years ago
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