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Outlook 2013 Milk Sync PC and iPhone...

suehawk says:
OK, this is probably going to be more than one question... Please let me know if there is a help guide for setting up this integration of systems.
I'm returning to RTM at the same time that my workplace has switched to Outlook; used on PC laptop.

Outlook - iPhone - iPad are synced through Exchange, and that is working fine. I have not been using tasks in Outlook yet.
Now enter RTM, so that I can get integrated and have the power of task managing. So, I was about to add Milk Sync, BUT
In .../forums/help/17976 it's noted that I should not sync through Exchange, but how would I otherwise see my calendar, email, etc? Or is there a way of turning off TASK sync on Exchange and doing only that piece through Milk Sync...?

Many thanks for any info - Sue
Posted at 4:05pm on March 23, 2016
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Sue,
Sorry for any confusion there. In your case you should be fine to sync through Exchange and then to add MilkSync to that to sync with Remember The Milk.

What you want to avoid is multiple sync methods syncing the same data. In that other example, multiple computers were syncing tasks through Exchange so syncing multiple computers via MilkSync would not be recommended. In that example, syncing one computer with MilkSync would still work.

Let us know if we can help with anything else for you!
Posted 8 years ago
suehawk says:
OK, thanks Andrew - I'm limping into it, but optimistic that I can make it work. The fact that I have one computer and 2 iDevices syncing through Exchange doesn't setup the same problem as the multiple computers would?
Posted 8 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
That's right, Sue. The Exchange connection between Outlook and your iOS devices doesn't include task syncing, and the Remember The Milk app syncs separately (directly between the app and the web) anyhow.

Keep us posted on how things go!
Posted 8 years ago
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