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Evernote reminders and repeating task

kaimyuen says:
I have set up the integration between Evernote and RTM and the Evernote reminders appear perfectly.

The problem is that when I set a reminder as repeating (e.g. advanced repeat/repeats after completion), the reminder date doesn't get renewed on Evernote when the RTM task is completed. The RTM task gets a new date, but the Evernote reminder just appears as done (does not get the new date).

Is it possible to sync the new instance of the RTM task (with new date) to the Evernote reminder note's with updated/new date?
Posted at 10:10pm on March 2, 2016
xtoq says:
Advanced task properties like repeating are only supported in RTM not in Evernote. If Evernote ever adds support for repeating tasks, it's like RTM will also add that support.

For all the features that are supported by the Evernote/RTM integration, you can see this help article:
Posted 4 years ago
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