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How Drag & Drop One Task From Center Of List To The 3rd Position?

ranvaughn says:

February 11, 2016

I need to constantly be changing the priority of my ONE list of 100 things to do.

For example let's say I want to drag one task from near the bottom of the list of 100 tasks to the number 12 position from the top.

Can I drag and drop it?

I just started using Remember The Milk IOS, I want to buy the OS X version IF I can drag and drop the priority of my things to do.

Please help IF anyone knows the answer.

If RTM can NOT do this what app CAN that has IOS & OS X versions available.

Thank You,

Posted at 8:00am on February 12, 2016
(closed account) says:
If you set the sort order of your list to Drag and Drop, then yes, you can drag and drop any task you like from any position in the list to any other position in the list. If you change the sort order of the list to anything else (e.g., by date added), and then switch back to Drag and Drop, then your list will be in the same order as last time you looked at it (with new items added at the bottom of the list).

Hope this helps.
Posted 5 years ago
(closed account) says:
Correction: if you switch to a different sort order, then that sort order becomes the new starting point for the sort order when you switch back to Drag and Drop.
Posted 5 years ago
stu.silverstein says:
If tasks contain subtasks when you drag and drop it automatically becomes a subtask of that task is there any way to avoid this problem ?
Posted 5 years ago
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