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Can't open iPhone app

i.rosario says:
So, I downloaded the app, but when I go to login, it just tells me that RTM is temporarily unavailable. I would give it the benefit of the doubt, except that this is the same message I have gotten every. single. time I have tried over the last year or so. I recently upgraded from iPhone 5 to 6plus and thought I would try again. No dice! Anyone know what I can do to fix this??
Posted at 2:31am on November 28, 2015
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi i.rosario,
Sorry to hear about this!

We had written you back earlier this year when you contacted us about this. If you're still seeing this, you may want to remove and reinstall the app. (It sounds like you had just installed the app this time, or was it around from trying it previously?)

Otherwise, you may also want to switch networks (for example, disabling or switching Wi-Fi).

If that doesn't help, contact us by email so we can get some more specifics to help resolve this?
Posted 5 years ago
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