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Using Amazon Echo/ITTT and RTM

(closed account) says:
I would like to use my Amazon Echo to send the shopping list to a specified (non-default) RTM list. I have found the ITTT recipe to use Twitter to send to RTM. But I can't see where I can have Twitter send to a list other than the default. Is that possible?
Posted at 9:07pm on October 9, 2015
robert.ward says:
From what I can see you would have to tell IFTTT to put the list with a hashtag so that smart add would put it in the correct list. I'm not sure if that is possible however since I don't use IFFTT very much.

Alternatively, assuming you are using the beta web app, you could do a search as such


Then create a smart list with the search or just move all of those tasks to the list you want.
Posted 8 years ago
mdmeschi72 says:
Thanks Robert. Good tip. Works nicely. You can also add to different lists by specifying a specific 'key word' and changing your "Smart List" properties to contain that key word. For example, for smart list "Shopping list" you can add to amzaon echo shopping list with "Add Shop tomatoes to shopping list'. If you have "shop' in your smart list specs for "Has the words" field.
Posted 8 years ago
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