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apple watch status

sven.blum says:
Hi there Bob

Can you tell us what's the status concerning the apple watch? Do you have a beta? Can I testflight? Will you release with watchOS2?

thank you for the info
Posted at 8:38pm on August 19, 2015
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Sven,
We don't have an update currently, but we'll post further updates on our blog.

(If you haven't seen our current status yet, check out Bob's excited face!)
Posted 6 years ago
sven.blum says:
This is great news! I'm a rtm user for ages now. Every now and then I check if rtm still is the best tool and it wins every time! siri, check. web-interfache (the good one), check. fast and easys to use ios-app, check. other mobile operationg systems, check. tags, check. subtasks, check. afordable price, check. And now - the watch-task-reminder-plingpling-interface is in the pipeline - great news!!!
Posted 6 years ago
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