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Check box keeps getting cleared

rpan says:
When I'm going through and checking off a bunch of items, every so often I (I'm guessing) do something that clears all of the check marks I just made. This is extremely frustrating in a big list (e.g. selecting items for a weekly shopping list).

What may be causing this and is there a way to turn off that function?
Posted at 5:42pm on June 27, 2014
azclaire says:
Most likely, they are being cleared because the mouse has been clicked somewhere else on the screen. I do this; I feel your pain. ;-). Most often, I've meant to click the next checkbox, but my mouse has wandered too close to the Task Name field.
Posted 3 years ago
pachela says:
one possibility:

If you put your cursor over a task's checkbox and click, all the previously checked tasks will stay checked. But if your cursor is over the task description when you click, rather than the box, all other tasks will be un-checked.
Posted 3 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
One solution could be using keyboard shortcuts and move between the tasks that way. J, K and H are your keys.
Posted 3 years ago
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