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How to set up tasks that repeat and expire daily?

vikistumbers says:
Hi everyone!

So I'm setting some goals for myself this summer, and breaking them into small steps.

I have a series of tasks--small steps, like "sort one file" or "drink one bottle of water"-- that I want to repeat each day . . . AND to EXPIRE at the end of the day.

The results I want:
1. A task list I can consult daily
2. On this list, I can mark tasks as completed IF and ONLY IF I complete them (so at the end of the summer I can look back and see how many instances of that task I actually completed)
3. Any tasks on this list that are NOT completed automatically reset each day (or night) with a due date of the next day.

What I don't want:
1. To have to delete or postpone incomplete tasks on this list every day
2. To mark tasks complete that weren't just to get them to generate a new task for the next day.

I've done some searching, mostly using variations of the word "expire" (like, how to set up a task that exists for only 24 hours, expires and then regenerates), but no luck.

Geez, now it sounds to me like my tasks are zombies. Weird.


Posted at 4:38pm on June 5, 2014
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Given the two repeat options available, I would suggest that you use "repeat AFTER one day".
That way, you will have a lot of tasks, some overdue (if you missed them the previous day) and some not yet overdue.
The advantage would be that you don't create several instances of the tasks, and you don't have to postpone them.
Afterwards, you could search for "sort one file" and look at the comleted tasks to see how often and when you did this.
Posted 4 years ago
vikistumbers says:
Thanks, Raymond. That's what I started with. It satisfies 2 of the 3 results I want, but not the "regeneration" result (#3 above).

S'okay. Thanks for the reply.
Posted 3 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Long delay, long vacation ;-)

Regarding 3, the overdue "after" tasks will still be there, but with a due date of an earlier date. If that's no OK, you have to postpone the task (which you don't want...)
Posted 3 years ago
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