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Your evernote authorization for RTM might expire

lemayp says:

If you are using the evernote and RTM integration you might be interested in this little piece of information. RTM introduce this integration exactly 6 months ago and the original authorization was valid for 6 months so it is possible that your evenote/RTM stop working in the coming days if you started using it when it was introduced.

This occurred to me last night and I had to verify with RTM support and they proposed me some steps to investigate and the last one consist in re-authorizing evernote/RTM to work together, which resolved my situation. I then look at my original email from evernote when I did the authorization and saw that the expiration date was yesterday.

I have received no error saying that the authorization was expired, and the sync was no longer working.

If you face that situation, please reauthorize evernote using that page :


PS: the new authorization between evernote and RTM will be valid for 1 year instead of 6 months
Posted at 1:31pm on May 31, 2014
joroca77 says:
Thank you very much!! I had the same problem and people of evernote didn't know how to help me.
Posted 6 years ago
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