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show only first/one instance of a repeating task

fant says:
is it possible to hide following instances of a repeating Task?

Example: If a have a simple smart list 'priority:1' and I set a repeating Task to prio 1, the current AND the following instance is shown.

Any idea how to hide the following instance and Show only the current one? (without using 'after' instead of 'every')

Regards, Jens
Posted at 2:34pm on January 7, 2014
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Jens,
It's not currently possible to hide future instances of a repeating task, sorry.

You may wish to try something like this Smart List setup to accomplish this, though it's not specific to repeating tasks. Otherwise, a simpler Smart List could limit tasks based on the due date as well.

Hope this helps!
Posted 3 years ago
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