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Repeating a task a certain number of times

darhull says:
Hello all!

I'm working on creating an email with my ever-advancing walking regimen for the year. I need a task to repeat every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for 12 times.

For example, this works:
1 Pace Incl 1 ^today !1 *daily for 14 times #fitness

But this doesn't:
001 Pace Incl 4 ^today+56 days !1 *after Mon, Wed, Fri for 12 times #fitness

Otherwise, this works like a charm and I feel like a kid at a magic show when I send my list in and it all populates properly

Can anyone help?

Posted at 4:23pm on December 23, 2013
azclaire says:
You'll need to set up 3 separate tasks: one each for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday that repeats weekly.
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Darlene,
Generally this won't currently work for any "after" repeats… "every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for 12 times" would work. If you'd prefer to use the "after" repeats, you could delete the tasks once it got to be February (assuming that's when you'd want it to end).

Hope this helps! And enjoy the walking! :)
Posted 4 years ago
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