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BB Z10 syncing

niekkuipers says:
Just installed the bb10 app and noticed that it is only syncing the tasks within RTM. Is it also capable of syncing Tasks from the BB (work) environment. If not, could the outlook sync work in combination with the BB app? When I try to download the outlook sync tool for my desktop RTM advises me not to use both BBapp and this tool.
Posted at 11:02am on December 11, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi niekkuipers,
Using the BlackBerry app and MilkSync for Outlook together on a Z10 would be fine. What that page is saying is not to use MilkSync for BlackBerry (on older devices) alongside MilkSync for Outlook, since that could create a syncing loop—changes would sync between device and computer, and then from both places back to Remember The Milk, etc.

If you set this up that way, just keep in mind that any changes you make to tasks through the BlackBerry Tasks app (not the BlackBerry Remember The Milk app) would need to sync back to Outlook (which may happen automatically over Exchange) and then back to Remember The Milk (which may not happen automatically if your computer is off) before they'd show up in the Remember The Milk app or elsewhere. Depending on how you use your tasks on your BlackBerry though, this may or may not be problematic.

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
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