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Setting different time for each reminder

txglennross says:
How do I set a different time for each reminder? For example, If I want to remember to complete a task at 2PM and another at 3PM, how can I be notified of each when it's time? (I do not have a premium acct.)
Posted at 10:17pm on December 3, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi txglennross,
Reminders are sent for each task; you can set them up for your account as described in our Reminders Guide.

So if you set reminders to be sent at the time your tasks are due, you can set one task to be due at 2PM and the other at 3PM—you'd receive a reminder for each at their due times.

Regarding Pro accounts, reminders behave the same, but Pro offers a few additional methods (our mobile apps). But if you're using email/IM/text reminders, these will work just fine without Pro.

Hope this helps!
Posted 10 years ago
kongluoxing says:
I just wanna send daily reminder to my email,
and use desktop notification for task due reminder
does RTM support this?
Posted 10 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jayklx,
No, we don't support different reminder methods for daily/timed tasks, sorry! All of the reminder settings apply to your entire account.
Posted 10 years ago
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