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Inconsistant Behaviour of Repeating Tasks

rocketeer007 says:
I have a task - "Guitar Practice" - set up as "Repeat every day" to remind me to set aside some time for that particular activity.

Sometimes (far too often in fact) I miss a day - so, when I open Remember the Milk the following morning, I have 2 occurrences of "Guitar Practice" showing - one due "today", and the previous one due "yesterday".
This is exactly the behaviour I want - if I miss a day, I should do double practice the next day. When I do my first practice of the day, I tick off "Yesterday's" task, and the second practice ticks off "Today's" task.

However, if I miss more than a couple of days, I see some inconsistent behaviour. I did no practice Friday or Saturday last week, so:
Sunday - as expected, I had three copies (Friday, Saturday & Sunday), and completed Friday's task only.
Monday - as expected, I had three copies (Saturday, Sunday & Monday), and completed Saturday's and Sunday's tasks.
Tuesday - I expected three copies (Sunday, Monday & Tuesday), but only Sunday and Monday showed - Tuesday's task was not generated. When I completed Sunday's task, I just had Monday's task showing, and it wasn't until I "caught up" with Monday's task as well that Tuesday's task was generated.

Is there some rule that sets when the next occurrence of an "Every Day" task is generated, depending on how many overdue occurrences exist?
I've also noticed previously that if I postpone a "Repeat every day" task, a new instance is not generated the next day (so I don't do that any more!)

Is this all expected behaviour, or have I stumbled on a glitch?
Posted at 11:30am on December 3, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi rocketeer007,
Sorry for the delay in responding while we tested this a few different ways.

I've added this to our list to investigate. This may occur if a repeating task isn't generated for whatever reason.

Keep us posted if you notice anything further!
Posted 4 years ago
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