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RTM Tasks in GCal not showing / not smartphone either

oliveranthony says:
Hi there,

I added RTM according to

Problem 1: When I have a recurring entry on, say 7.1.2014 it is not displayed in GCal
Problem 2: I use aCalendar+ and SPlanner on my smartphone. If I add the "remember the Milk" Calendar, I get an entry "Tasks for ##.##.####" for each day. Also on those days where there are no tasks. In addition on those days where there ARE tasks, it only has the "Tasks for ##.##.###" entry.

Question 1: What am I missing here?
Question 2: Is there a possibility to just show the tasks when they occur in GCal? So that I dont have to click the small checkmark first?

Many thanks & regards
Posted at 12:29pm on November 27, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi oliveranthony,
Repeating tasks are only displayed for their current instance (and next instance for "every…" tasks). So these won't display in the gadget (though they would for iCalendar).

Speaking of iCalendar, that's designed for other calendars aside from Google Calendar, where the gadgets only work specifically. You can use that in Google Calendar as well, which would show the tasks as events rather than clicking the checkmark.

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
oliveranthony says:
Hi, many thanks for the explanation
Posted 4 years ago
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