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MilkSync for Microsoft Outlook - permanently delete tasks MsgBox

ben_shapiro says:
Why am I all of a sudden getting a prompt from MilkSync that says:

"Synchronising will permanently delete 999 tasks in Remember the Milk. Continue with Synchronisation?"

I'm running Outlook 2013 and have had this configuration for over 12mths.. any insight?
Posted at 5:42am on November 19, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ben_shapiro,
That prompt will be presented when MilkSync "loses sight" of some tasks. Aside from them being properly deleted (which doesn't sound like what preceded it for you) this could happen if you had recently migrated any Outlook data (like a new computer or Outlook profile), moved any folders/items around within Outlook, or had reinstalled MilkSync. Is any of those a possibility for you?

Even though reinstalling MilkSync could cause it, it could also correct it, because it will reset the syncing (and not delete any existing Remember The Milk tasks), so that could be a solution too. (You can install it from our site.)

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
arman52 says:
Same problem here...and it's a pretty big problem for me. I'm about to lose a lot of important recurring tasks!
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi arman52,
Does reinstalling MilkSync help for you? That would reset what MilkSync is set to sync, so it should no longer have those tasks set for deletion.

Keep us posted on what you find!
Posted 4 years ago
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