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Evernote syncing

shekala says:
Is the Evernote syncing two way - in other words, if I enter a reminder in Evernote and then when it appears in RTM and I delete it in RTM, does that have any affect on the original note in Evernote? Or is the syncing basically just from Evernote to RTM?

Also, I know via the web and mobile apps I can link back to the original note in Evernote, but can that be done via the Gmail extension and if not, is that something you plan to add? Sure would be useful as I spend very little time on the web app.

Posted at 3:55am on October 31, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi shekala,
The syncing is two-way, but to a point: we don't delete your Evernote note when completing the Remember The Milk task, but just clear the Evernote reminder. Changes to the reminder's due date/time would sync in both directions though.

We don't currently support the Evernote link in all places, like in the Gmail add-on, but thanks for your feedback, which I will pass on to the rest of the team.
Posted 6 years ago
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