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SMS and Gtalk reminders?

allixsenos says:
I tried setting up SMS and GTalk reminders, but they didn't work... standard email and ICQ work, tho...

for SMS, I use a mail2sms address given to me by my GSM provider, and when I send an email directly to it, it works... it also works when I forward my Gmail account there... but when I told RTM to send it directly there, nothing happened

same thing with GTalk... absolutely nothing happened
Posted at 12:42pm on October 19, 2005
allixsenos says:
khmm... now the SMS notification works...
Posted 12 years ago
omar (Remember The Milk) says:
There's a problem with GTalk in that reminders are being delayed (by a random time between 2 - 6 hours) by the GTalk server before being forward on to the recipient.

I've asked Google about this, and hope to receive a reply soon.
Posted 12 years ago
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