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Different dates on different devices

motta.lrd says:
Hello everyone,

I am a fan and user of remember the milk (RTM).

Recently I got a strange problem that could be a bug on the mobile application. I am looking for help on how to fix it and also report the bug.

I have both RTM on the ipad mini and the samsung galaxy S3 mini.
I moved to another country and my dates on the mobile phone has been changed a couple of times, including dates in the past (one day the phone went back on 1/1/2012).
From that time the due dates of my tasks are different if I look them on the ipad or on the phone.

Any idea? I will be happy to provide further details if needed.
Thank you
Posted at 11:05am on September 14, 2013
motta.lrd says:
This is my test for the Bug.

I just created a task called "Test task" on my Ipad.
The "Test task" is due today.
I postpone the task (with the postpone button) to Tuesday 17/9.

I open my Smartphone with RTM app.
The "Test task" appears on the wrong date, Monday 16/9.

Thank you for your help.
Posted 4 years ago
motta.lrd says:
With the previous test only the ipad believes that the task is due on Tuesday 17/9.
Both the web app and the smartphone app believe that the task is due on Monday 16/9.

Guess: Could be a bug on the ipad app?

Thank you

Posted 4 years ago
motta.lrd says:

I changed the timezone on the remember the milk website to match the timezone that I am currently in.

This has been helpful.

Thank you
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi motta.lrd,
I'm glad you were able to get this sorted out; sorry we don't currently support shifting timezones. Changing your settings would make that work again.

Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.
Posted 4 years ago
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