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Evernote and project support materials

tonydbee says:
Hi, new user here. I have a question about evernote integration.

If I understand correctly, only evernotes with a reminder set will sync with my rtm account?

But what if I have an evernote containing support material for an rtm project? This doesn't require a reminder since the note isn't actionable, so how do I get it into rtm and link it to a project?

Also, why would I want to send tasks into my evernote account when I'm using rtm as my task manager? Surely evernote should just contain project support notes and rtm should manage them?

This is not intended as a criticism, I'm honestly just trying to get my head around how evernote integration works.

Posted at 4:57pm on September 13, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi tonydbee, and welcome to Remember The Milk! :)

What some people have done is to add reminders for a main project note and then have that be your project task (if you are adding others later). When you get to Evernote from Remember The Milk, you should easily be able to get to other tasks in the same notebook or tag.

More generally, we think Remember The Milk and Evernote are complementary on a lot of levels, taking advantage of each app's unique features to be ultra-organized. :) Hope this helps!
Posted 7 years ago
tonydbee says:
Hi andrewski, thank you for your reply. I completely agree that the combination of rtm and Evernote is a very welcome step.

I apologize but I can't quite follow your description above. I wonder if you could clarify for me?

For example let's say I create a list in RTM with the title 'New Kitchen Project'. I then create a notebook in Evernote called something like 'New Kitchen Project Support', which will hold all of the project support materials related to this project.

Then suppose I send a snapshot of a kitchen I like to this notebook in evernote, and I want to link it to RTM. Do I just set a reminder on the note and it appears in my RTM Inbox? Is that how it works?

I'm still not clear why anyone would choose to keep TASKS related to a project in Evernote, when they could just add them directly as actions into RTM?

Thanks for your help
Posted 7 years ago
goraleksi says:
Hi tonydbee,
It's my example using of sync RTM and Evernote.
I have a main note of any project in Evernote, with reminder. That note contain list of task with check boxes. This is items or steps of project. Important, each item contain link to separate item note (screens, ideas, webpages, links ...). When I ready to do next step of my project, I copy text of next task to title of main note. Edit date of reminder. Some time passed... and - "voila" - I see actual task in RTM task list in current day! I can return to my project quickly. Its very usefull with Android device.
Posted 7 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi tonydbee,
Yes, in your example you could just add a reminder to your snapshot note and a task would be created in Remember The Milk.

You're welcome to use the integration in different ways—it's pretty simple and flexible, something Remember The Milk and Evernote both have in common :)—but one way you could set this up is to add a reminder to anything specific you'd have to refer to, or just for one "high-level" note/task so you have quick access to your Evernote notebook from Remember The Milk.

Depending on the project, you may have a more one-to-one relationship between notes and tasks that go with them though, e.g. a list of calls you need to make around a project.

Hope this helps a bit more!
Posted 7 years ago
tonydbee says:
Yes that's very helpful indeed, thank you goraleksi and andrewski.

@goraleksi: thank you for your explanation of how you use Evernote. I now understand why it may be a good idea to keep your project plans (ie. list of tasks related to a project), seperated from your next actions, which you keep in RTM. I really like that idea. Does that mean you do not use project tabs at all in RTM? Your RTM account simply contains next actions?

Also, when you copy/paste the text of the next action into the title of the main project note in Evernote, and set a reminder date, will that next action then only appear in your RTM account on that specific day? It doesn't appear immediately?
Posted 7 years ago
dwschoppe says:

This blog post I linked below may help you. By emailing your EN account with a subject line ending in "!" you will automatically have created 1) a new note in EN, and 2) a new task in RTM that is tied to the EN note. There is no due date set for the task / reminder (which I believe is exactly what you want for most GTD tasks) although you can add one in either EN or RTM if you wish. This seems to harness the power of RTM / EN Reminder integration without requiring hard due dates set on the tasks:

Posted 6 years ago
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