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New User, couple quick questions, re: syncing, sharing with other users

mzkynd says:
Ok, I am a free user, and I get the whole sync once 24 hours, no biggie, except the last time it synced, it erased all my new lists that I added on my generic ipad ( I don't really use the web app that much, the ipad version is the lists that I need to be synced up) With the free app/24 hour sync does it only sync web app to the ipad or is it both ways? and if so, why does my web app not show my ipad lists, and why does my ipad lists disappear and the ipad only show the web app version?

and then for couples who use :

My hubz isn't really the organizer of the household, I originally told him to just get his own account, then I could send him his to do, and the household shopping lists, however while searching for an answer to my first question, I came across a thread that said you could not share lists from the ipad. So do I have to log on to the web app every time I want to share something with him? IF so would it just be easier to have him log on to my account from his phone when he needed to check the lists?
Posted at 2:54pm on September 13, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mzkynd,
Sorry to hear about the sync! It's limited to once every 24 hours, but it should sync in both directions. :( It'd be great if you could contact us about this specific problem so we can look at some specifics.

For your sharing setup, you just need to do the initial setup of the lists in the web app currently; then anything you add to it (in the iPad app too) will automatically be shared. (Manually sharing an individual task needs to be done from the web app currently, so that part you'd still need to use the web app for.)

Hopefully that sorts that part out so you can pass things on to him! :)
Posted 4 years ago
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