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Google Calendar Questions -

deraty says:
I added the webcal links to the google calendar. Existing events are immediately sync'd.

However, as a test, I add new events to RTM - unfortunately they are not sync'd yet since10 minutes in Google calendar.

How frequent are new events added to Google Calendar with webcal url?

Secondly - I want to have the option to be notified by SMS when RTM evens added by RT are due in Google Calendar. But when RTM events are added to Google Calendar, Notify by SMS is not selected by default?

Only reason I will use Google Calendar with RTM is, in my country Google Calendar sends free SMS notification when an event is due.

Is there any way to make google calendar SMS notifications default - either from RTM or Google Calendar settings?
Posted at 7:54am on September 6, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi deraty,
Google Calendar controls the update of its iCalendars. Our understanding is that they update within about 24 hours at the most.

For reminders, you may want to enable them in the Calendar settings; that should work for new events in the calendar also. (I don't know about their default settings, sorry, but enabling them should work for our calendar like with others.)

You could also use our reminders or receive SMS reminders from us via Twitter. If the 24-hour delay is affecting you, those may be better options, at least for SMS reminders.

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
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