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Defining dates based on End of Project

thierry.dedobbeleer says:
I have a project with a strong deadline, let' s say 15th of September

Can I define the tasks due date based on the end of the project?
Such as: "1 week before end of project", "5 days before end of project at 5pm", etc.

I would like to prepare a template list in an email that I would import each time I start a new project with same tasks list. i want to only change the end of project date.

RTM rocks!!! :-)


Posted at 3:58am on August 25, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Thierry,
This isn't currently possible, but thanks for the feedback!

You may like this topic for some uses for recurring projects… including a handy Excel tip that I bet you'd appreciate. :)

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
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