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Archive tags

azclaire says:
I create a task list for each trip I take. I have a list "Vacations" (it really should be named "Trips") and I create a trip specific tag. Keeping them all in the same list allows easy filtering of these tasks from other smart lists via "and/or NOT List:Vacations".

When I'm done with a trip, I want to archive the trip tasks, not delete them. My current process is: create a list matching the tag name I've been using. Move all the target tagged tasks to the new list. Remove tag from new list. Archive new list. Labor intensive.

My only other choice is to create a unique list up front for each trip. However, I make enough trips that continually updating all my smart lists with "and/or NOT list:TripA and/or NOT list:TripB ...." would be real pain.

There could be a problem with attempting to archive a previously archived tag, but there could be a set of rules to use in this circumstance.

Posted at 9:27pm on August 1, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi azclaire,
It's not possible to archive tags currently, sorry. Your method for moving your tasks to a list and archiving it would probably be the best way to hide the tasks and their list/tag without removing that level of organization.

The only other thing I'd mention is that if you're using tags for each trip (assuming "trip-xyz" here), you could create a Smart List that searched for tagContains:"trip-" and each unique trip's tasks would automatically show up there. That would only help with the Vacations/Trips list part though, not with managing the one-off tags once you're done with them. :-/

Hope this helps somewhat!
Posted 4 years ago
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