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Adding new task in Smart List now only goes to Inbox

alfredo.dimaunahan says:
i think as of yesterday, my expected behavior happens when i do the ff.:
- go to any Smart List. i.e. Work
- add a new task

expected behavior: the newly added task will automatically get the attributes of Work (i.e. due:tod location:office) and appeara in Inbox too.

actual behavior: the newly added task only appears in Inbox

are there any recent changes on the webapp logic? please confirm if this is a bug or not. thanks in advance!
Posted at 12:29am on July 18, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi alfredo.dimaunahan,
There haven't been any logic changes, but it's not possible to add to a Smart List if it has "ambiguous" criteria.

So your due:tod location:office should work, but if you add something else, say due:tod location:office NOT tag:someday, those properties will no long be added. (Generally speaking, OR and NOT conditions will make this happen.)

Hope that helps! Let us know your Smart List criteria if that doesn't seem to be what's happening for you.
Posted 4 years ago
alfredo.dimaunahan says:
i see. yes, it does work for "due:tod location:office" now but not for "due:tod location:office NOT tag:work". thanks for the enlightenment. i guess i did try on the "ambiguous" criteria list last time, and haven't tried on others. thanks a lot!
Posted 4 years ago
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