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Complex Repeat

dave.b.boggs says:
Hi All,

I have a task where I receive the required information on the second Sunday of the month and it is due the following Tuesday. This could be the second or the third Tuesday of the month. Anyone know how to set up a repeating task for this. I tried Tuesday after the second Sunday of the month, but that wasn't allowed. Any help is appreciated.

Posted at 3:25am on July 15, 2013
brendan says:
Hi dave.b.boggs,
Unfortunately I don't think we have a repeat interval which will satisfy this condition correctly each month, sorry.

One option might be to create the first task which repeats "every 2nd Sunday", then create the followup task as needed. If you create the task on Sunday when the information arrives, using "Tuesday" as the due date will always refer to the upcoming Tuesday.
Posted 4 years ago
carlson.james says:
Brendan, is it possible to have a task repeat every first Sunday of the month?
Posted 4 years ago
brendan says:
Hey carlson.james,
Sure! You can do that with the following repeat interval:

every month on the 1st Sunday

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
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