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Is there a keyboard shortcut for delete that works on Macintosh?

dfm says:
I tried searching the forums for this, but surprisingly came up empty:

Supposedly the delete key will delete the select task(s).

In Chrome (27) on Macintosh (10.8.4) pressing the key labeled "delete" appears to do nothing. I suspect, though may be mistaken, that it is that the key labeled "delete" on a Mac sends a different code than the key similarly labeled on PC keyboards.

Is there any keyboard shortcut for delete that works on Macintosh? If so, it might be nice to mention it on the keyboard shortcuts help page; and if not, at least mention the problem (assuming there is a problem, and I'm not just missing something obvious).

Posted at 1:36am on July 15, 2013
brendan says:
Hi dfm,
On the Mac, you may need to use Fn+Delete to delete a task. Sorry for the confusion, and thanks for the feedback on the documentation page.

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
dfm says:
That's what I needed. Thanks!
Posted 4 years ago
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