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I don't like it when it automatically picks the date out of my task line

textme22 says:
How do I make it not automatically put the time it text messages me based on the task line I enter. For example, if I have a doctor's appointment on the 18th, I will put "Appointment with doctor smith on July 18th at 2pm" in the task line, and then it will automatically pull that message out and text message me at that time. I HATE THAT! HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP! I WANT TO BE REMINDED OF MY APPOINTMENTS THE DAY BEFORE THEY ACTUALLY OCCUR. IT DOES ME NO GOOD TO HEAR ABOUT SOMETHING AS IT IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I NEED TO KNOW BEFORE. But when I try to check the box and change the date in the task tab, it changes the message itself. I want it to NOT try to be intuitive and read my messages for me and mess with the dates. If i want to remind myself next week of something that happens 2 years from now then let me do it. Don't automatically make me remind myself 2 years from now.
Posted at 10:59pm on July 12, 2013
brendan says:
Hi textme22,
If you'd like to prevent Smart Add from picking the due date out of your task, you can enclose the task (or part of it) in quotes. For example, try entering the task like this (including the quotes):

"Appointment with doctor smith on July 18th at 2pm"

This will create a task with that exact name, and no due date.

Reminders are sent for your tasks based on their due dates, however, so this task would not send a reminder at all.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.
Posted 4 years ago
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