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Repeating tasks

scottirving1001 says:
I had several dozen tasks set up to repeat. Now the repeat is gone. What happened and how do I get it back? Setting this up was a pain and I really don't want to do it again.

The one problem with repeat's is stale tasks, tasks that didn't get done and due to the repeat there is now a second one. The earlier one becomes may become stale (in some cases you ought to actually do it twice, but for many only once). When deleting stale tasks one has to make sure to delete the instance, not the repeat.
Posted at 1:23pm on May 25, 2013
brendan says:
Hi scottirving1001,
Regarding the stale tasks, it sounds like it may be helpful to use an "after" repeat in your situation. Tasks that repeat with "after" (eg. "after 1 week") will only generate a new occurrence when you complete the task so you generally won't end up with 2 incomplete copies of the task.

For your specific repeating tasks that disappeared, can you contact us via email so we can take a look?

Posted 4 years ago
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