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Bug with search on duebefore:today

carl.dittloff says:
I have a smart list with the following query: (tag:morning and tag:check) AND (due:today OR duebefore:today OR due:yesterday)

On my android device it shows me all the tasks with this tag that are due any time in the past. However when viewing the list from the website it will not show any tasks with a due date earlier than yesterday.

Any ideas?
Posted at 7:53pm on February 16, 2013
brendan says:
Hi carl.dittloff,
The mismatch here may be caused by the capitalization of your dueBefore: search operator. Please try changing the Smart List criteria to the following:

(tag:morning and tag:check) AND (due:today OR dueBefore:today OR due:yesterday)

Does this give you the results you need on both platforms?
Posted 5 years ago
carl.dittloff says:
Hi Brendan,

Thank you very much. This now works from the website and continues to work from the Android.
Posted 5 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
I don't really understand the need for exact capitalization in the searches. Why not accept all mixes of uppercase/lowercase and then transform them all to lowercase?

These I will repeat until they are fixed:
And why not have a proper calendar on the website for due dates?
And why isn't it possible to add the explanation box once you have deleted it?
Posted 5 years ago
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