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Data transferred wrong direction

(closed account) says:
I logged in to my RTM account on the web on my desktop computer. I then updated tasks; however, when I went to use RTM on my i-Pad, it ignored all my changes made on the web. When I log on to my web acount on my desktop, all my changes are gone--it restored it to the way I last left it on the i-Pad. I just assumed it would know where the last changes were made and update accordingly. Is there something special that I need to do to get it to update from the web account to the i-Pad? Thanks for any help.

Posted at 7:31pm on February 2, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ksledgerwood,
Sorry your tasks were not saved correctly. Could you contact us so we could discuss some details via email? We'd like to help figure out what happened here.

Posted 5 years ago
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