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Repeating Tasks aren't Repeating

airolg says:
I'm not sure how this forum works, so I started a new topic here about the one below:

I didn't do some of my every day repeating tasks yesterday (due Oct 17), so today I marked them complete believing they would should up for today (due Oct 18), however they didn't. They are listed in the completed section.

So, does this mean if you don't complete a given every day task on the due day it stops repeating itself for the next day???

I've tried to uncomplete them and they revert back to Oct 17, which just starts the whole cycle over again.

I still love the program so I'm willing to help test it to get these kinks worked out.
Posted at 2:21pm on October 18, 2005
svenden says:
I think the repeating function is completely defunct. I haven't gotten it to work at all.
Posted 12 years ago
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