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Time of email and overdue items in daily email?

gmontez says:
Two things:
1) is it possible to change the time that the daily email arrives in my inbox?
2) and is there a way to set up the daily email to include overdue items as well as that day's list? Sure would be helpful.

Let me know. Thanks.
Posted at 9:00pm on January 25, 2013
rbendett says:
+1 for overdue items included in the daily email.
Posted 5 years ago
brendan says:
Hi gmontez,
You can change the time of your daily reminder email by logging in to the web app, then clicking Settings > Reminders. Change the "Send daily reminders at..." time to control when the reminder message arrives.

It's not currently possible to receive reminders for overdue tasks, but if this is something you'd like to see, please vote for it in our Ideas forum to show your support.
Posted 5 years ago
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