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Submitting a bug

nskoric says:
I'd like to submit a bug. How do I do that?

The bug I'd like to submit is that when you complete a repeating task, the new instance of the task doesn't have the notes of the previous task. That is really, really awkward, since if you repeat a task (say, once a year), you surely want your notes to be preserved (say, to be able to remember what is that task about).

So, I'd like to submit that bug. Now, where do I do that? :-)
Posted at 12:16pm on January 10, 2013
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi nskoric,
You can report any issues right here, or by email; we do the job of listening and making sure everything gets reported to the right people. :)

This will happen for tasks that repeat "after" a certain interval, but not for tasks that repeat "every" interval. You may find that you can change it for your tasks to keep the notes.

If you'd like to vote on that to change for "after" tasks, you can do so in our Ideas forum.

Posted 5 years ago
nskoric says:
Hi andrewski, thanks for the answer.

Is there a particular reason for this after/every discrepancy?
Posted 5 years ago
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