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Bug in repeating tasks with italian translation

gianlucavieri says:
I have exactly the same problem described
in this closed topic:

The topic has been closed automatically
due to a lack of responses in the past 90 days.

But the problem is still alive and it's quite annoying

as user fmaida said

I'm still having problems when I ask RTM to repeat a task periodically. To enter or update the tasks I'm using the RTM website displayed with the Italian translation.

For example, when I want to have a task repeated every monday I write:

"ogni lunedì" ("every monday" written in Italian)

But I don't know why, RTM changes this phrase into:

"Ogni 1 anno" (that literally means "Every 1 year")

Another example: I'm still using the Italian translation, and when I try to write my request in English:

"Every monday"

The RTM website changes it into:

"Dopo lunedì" (that means "after monday", that is not only wrong but also ambiguous, because after reading that I'd think that the task'll be noticed once after next monday, and not repeated every monday as requested)

If you use Italian Translation
the function Repeat 'Every...' does NOT work !!!!!
the only repeating functions that works is Repeat 'After...'
but the problem for me is that if I use repeat after
i lose the notes I've added to the topic.

Could you have a look at it also for me, please?
Please, is very important for Italian Users
Posted at 6:51am on January 5, 2013
gianlucavieri says:
I've also found this topic that is related
to the problem described:
Posted 5 years ago
brendan says:
Hi gianlucavieri,
This issue is still on our list to investigate. Sorry again for any inconvenience this is causing.

In the meantime, the English phrases "daily", "weekly", "monthly" and "yearly" should all still work even when you language is set to Italian.
Posted 5 years ago
This topic has now been closed automatically due to a lack of responses in the past 90 days.