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Date formats different depending on due date

stevebrown says:
Just started using rtrm and I have noticed that the date format for tasks with due dates is different depending on how far in advance the due date is. So for the next week the due date shows as the actual day eg monday, if the due date is within the next 6 months then it shows as May 24 and if it is greater than the next 6 months it shows as 01/08/13. Is there a reason for this or is something I can adjust in settings?
Posted at 12:17pm on December 29, 2012
brendan says:
Hi stevebrown,
No, this date format can not be adjusted, sorry.

It sounds like you'd prefer to see the full date (including the year) in all cases, is that right? I'd be happy to pass along any feedback you have to our development team.
Posted 5 years ago
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