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E-mailing tasks

etoile says:

I have attempted to use my generated e-mail address to send tasks directly to my RTM lists. For some reason these never show up. Any ideas on why?

Posted at 1:45am on October 18, 2005

omar (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi there,

Can you please let me know (via email if you prefer: [old address removed]) the email address you're trying to send to, which mail client you're using, an example of what you're sending in and which list you're checking for emailed in tasks?

Thanks. :)


Posted 9 years ago

adski says:

I've found changing the order of fields causes attributes to be lost, and sticking in the general format recommended works:

Subject: Spank the Monkey
To: [Your Remember The Milk email address]

Priority: 3
Due: Sunday at 11pm
Repeat: Every Week
Estimate: 5 minutes

However a big problem for me is that I can't save a template as a draft in Gmail as it discards the draft when the first task is sent. Does anybody have any workarounds?

Posted 9 years ago

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