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Delete old tasks

michal.valko says:
I have 34K completed tasks. I suspect this is the reason, why is the loading of the RTM often too slow. Is there a easy way how to get rid of old tasks without deleting the ones that are still repeating?

Even when I try to display them all, the 34K tasks is apparently too many to load them all.
Posted at 8:13pm on September 20, 2012
brendan says:
Hi michal.valko,
You can use the isRepeating: search operator to find tasks which are repeating. If the browser is still having trouble displaying this many tasks, it may be helpful to start by deleting or archiving older completed tasks first. For example, this search will show tasks completed more than 2 years ago that are not repeating:

status:completed AND NOT completedWithin:"2 years" AND isRepeating:false

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
michal.valko says:
Thanks Brendan! Yes, starting from the oldest, I was able to delete them, chunk by chunk. But this can be a common problem for the longtime RTM users, maybe you can optimize your system no to care in anyway about very old tasks, so the loading does not take > 5seconds.
Posted 5 years ago
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