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Trouble with every

mark_s says:
I am having trouble creating a event with "After".

I want to replicate "every Tuesday" repetition, but only after I complete the task.

If I use "every 1 week", and If complete the task on Friday, the new task gets created next Friday. Instead, I want it to be created next Tuesday.

Not every week, but every Tuesday, only If i complete the task.
Posted at 3:01am on September 8, 2012
brendan says:
Hi mark_s,
You may want to try using after Tuesday as your repeat interval in this case. This task will generate a new occurrence only when you complete it, and the new occurrence will always be due on the upcoming Tuesday.

If this isn't working for you, can you let us know what happens when you use it?

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
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