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Suggestions for Someday Tasks and Weekly Reviews

risk says:
I have a lot of tasks that don’t have a due date but are more in the Someday/Maybe category. I also have trouble committing to weekly or periodic reviews because my feeling is if I have a system that works, I should not be reviewing it weekly!

What ends up happening is that tasks without dates are ignored for months or more. So what I end up doing, is using the due date field for tasks that don’t require one as way to remember about a someday task and see if I’m ready to tackle it. This is not a good solution either because my due tasks get inflated with ones that are not due!

I’d like to hear from people that figured out a way to deal with Someday/Maybe but without doing weekly reviews.
Posted at 8:16pm on September 6, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi risk,
Others may have some ideas as well, but I wanted to mention that rajjan's tip for sleeper tags could be useful for you, at least for pushing off a task for a while (e.g. "this task isn't due now, so I'll set it due in a month, but I wouldn't mind seeing it a week ahead of that date).

Failing that, perhaps a "Review someday/maybe tasks ^after 2 months" task would be appropriate to make sure those tasks don't fall through the cracks?

Hope that's of some help!
Posted 5 years ago
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