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Default list keeps reverting back to inbox

kevin.thai says:
No matter how many times I set one of my lists to a default list, selecting the list under settings -> lists and using the drop down to set it to default I can see the change made, then I navigate away from the settings page I come back to it, I see no list is marked as default again.

Then I add a task just a test and sure enough RTM adds the task to my inbox list which I don't want. This makes it incredibly frustrating, because on the iPhone app I add things on the go and don't have all the time to keep tagging them to add to the list I want, as majority of my tasks fall under this list I want this list to be my default.
Posted at 2:38am on September 3, 2012
brendan says:
Hi kevin.thai,
When you set a list as the default, you'll see the checkmark icon indicating that it's been set. However, if you leave the site and return later, you won't see this checkmark icon but the list will still be the default.

The iPhone app has its own Default List which you can change within the app settings. If you change this setting, are the tasks still being added to your Inbox?

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
kevin.thai says:
Thanks - setting the default list on the iPhone app fixed it. I don't recall having to do that the first time I installed the app on the iPhone, I could be wrong. But thanks this all works now.
Posted 5 years ago
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