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Notes not included in Reminders(?)

lionheartedbear says:
I primarily use RTM via Google Chrome on my Windows 7 desktop.

I have my settings set to send reminders to my Gmail.

For Tasks that have Notes, the Note info does not appear in the reminder message. There's is also no URL link back to the specific Task, nor even the main web URL. There is no reference to which Notebook the Task is associated with. All I see is the "title" and time of the Task. Pretty much useless.

This requires that I navigate to the RTM webpage, FIND the Task in question, click on the Task on the left, click on the Notes tab and pull up the related information.

Am I missing some setting? Is this a PRO feature?
Thanks in advance
-- Bear
Posted at 7:21pm on August 27, 2012
brendan says:
Hi Bear,
At this time, reminders only include the task name and the due date & time, as you mentioned. It's not currently possible to include notes or the list name within the reminder message, sorry.

You may want to vote for these suggestions in our Ideas forum here and here as well to show your support.

Thanks for your feedback!
Posted 11 years ago
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