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How often does the iCalendar Events get updated?

grahamjones_uk says:
If I post or change an item it is not reflected in my iCal Events on Google Calendar. It appears I have to wait several hours for that to happen. If updating is not simultaneous (or near) then it means my Google Calendar is out of date. How frequently is the iCal feed updated?
Posted at 3:05pm on July 22, 2012
brendan says:
Hi grahamjones_uk,
When you make changes to your tasks in Remember The Milk, the iCalendar feed is updated immediately. How often the feed is checked for updates depends on your calendar application (Google Calendar, in this case).

We've had some reports of Google Calendar not refreshing updates to subscribed calendars. The problem seems to be sporadic, and it seems the calendars will update, eventually, but not as quickly as expected. Unfortunately it's not currently possible to force Google Calendar to check the feed for updates, or to increase the frequency of the checks.
Posted 5 years ago
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