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RTM without due dates

mgercke says:
I'm using RTM for some time trying to implement the principles of GTD (getting things done) and I'm struggeling since a couple of months to implement a workflow where I'm not using due-dates.
I have a couple of smart lists that represent my tasks such as #do #email #call #think and so on.
The problem I have is that in my #do list, there are 40 items and as I don't use due dates (because in GTD you should only put a due date on a task when you "need" to do that task on a specific date), I have a list that is not sorted at all. However, to get a better picture I would like it to be sorted by "urgency". The only thing I can do at the moment is to use the priorities.
Best would be in my opinion to use the added-date as an urgency indicator to see how long a certain task has been sitting there.
Is there any other chance than to wait for a "sort-by-added-date"-feature?
My dream would be something similar to this:
It's a modified screenshot from my start screen. I use the plugin A-bit-better-RTM. I added the "added x days ago" and the colors by hand.
I know there are many things to consider when implementing such a feature and that it's not "that" easy. It's just an idea.
What do you think?
Posted at 1:41pm on July 15, 2012
brendan says:
Hi mgercke,
We don't currently offer a way to sort by added date, sorry. One method that may be helpful is to use the addedWithin: operator to create a few Smart Lists that show "ranges" of tasks. For example, the following search will show you tasks added between 61 and 90 days ago:

addedWithin:"90 days" AND NOT addedWithin:"60 days"

Creating a series of similar Smart Lists may help you locate the most urgent tasks.

Hope this helps!
Posted 5 years ago
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