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Notes not associated with tasks

will.jennings says:
1) Add a note to an existing task.
2) Create a new task. It will say there are 0 notes attached.
3) Click on the 'Notes' tab of the new task.

The note you added in step 1 will be visible.

Adding another note will append to the list of notes that show up attached to every new task you create.

Expected: that notes are associated with tasks, that the 'Notes' tab only shows the notes associated with that task, and that adding a note only adds it to the selected task.
Posted at 8:25pm on October 17, 2005
svenden says:
This is interesting, because I had this problem when I first signed up, but it's working properly now. I assumed they had fixed it.
Posted 12 years ago
will.jennings says:
Seems to work for me now as well. Huh.
Posted 12 years ago
pthistleton says:
This also didn't appear to work for me at first. The note would say only one note attached then when you selected it all notes appeared. When I looged out an back in the issue disappeared. Seems like it might be a session bug.
Posted 11 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We're looking into the notes issue.

In the meantime, if you experience a problem with the display of notes, logging out and back in again should fix things.
Posted 11 years ago
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